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13 Apr 2016 garden-room-3mob

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13 Apr 2016 garden-room-3

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13 Apr 2016

Contact us now to discuss the possibilities in your garden and for a no obligation quote.

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13 Apr 2016

Garden rooms are an excellent way of converting garden space into extra living space. From hobby rooms to full on cabins, a custom designed garden room can help increase your floor space without the need for planning permission or huge extension costs.

The images above and below show a typical hobby room, built by us, in place of an old shed. It is fully insulated, has lighting and power as well as additional heating so the room can be used during the winter months. The dimensions are 2.4m wide x 5 m long.

A building like this could be yours for as little as £9,950.

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28 Mar 2016

This example is from a decking project in Chandlers Ford. The upper deck has been restored using prep-deck, a quality deck stain stripper.

When used with the jet washer, it brought the wood back to a suitable condition for the application of a new stain protection. For the lower deck, a new structure was fitted and new smooth decking boards were used to match the existing deck areas.Then all boards were finished with deck stain, as chosen by the customer.

This project was undertaken as part of a maintenance contract. We offer this for all garden decking whether we fit it or it is existing. We work alongside our customers to ensure a well maintained deck throughout the year.


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28 Mar 2016 maintenance2mob

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28 Mar 2016 maintenance2

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28 Mar 2016


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28 Mar 2016

Once your decking work has been completed, or if you already have a deck, we will be happy to quote for a decking maintenance package.

This service covers cleaning your deck to remove lichen and most stains.

We can also carry out any repairs that may be necessary and add treatments to protect your timber in the future. We’ll be happy to quote for your property – please ask.

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28 Mar 2016


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